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---------------------------------- Ski Season is fast approaching and just like everything else in our lives today, it will be different. We will need EVERYONE to comply with the new restrictions and help keep everyone safe. This email is to let you know the “latest” (as of TODAY)!!! Remember everything is fluid and changes are made as needed. AA Training Camp Dec 6-19 Steamboat Springs SAFE THE DATE & RSVP TODAY !!! We’ve been asked a gazillion questions about ski season. The answer to MOST of the questions is simple. “WE DON’T KNOW” !!! Here is what we THINK we know (as of today) · Yes, there are lots of changes in the ski/snowboard industry and in Steamboat’s policies o NO WALK UP TICKET SALES § Only people that pre-register and pre-purchase lift tickets will be allowed to ski/ride. o Lift and Gondola COVID Spacing restrictions o Group gathering restrictions · YES, we will have Training Camp !!! o There may or may not be a restriction on the number of attendees we are able to bring § It would be VERY helpful if everyone that plans to attend will visit and RSVP to Training Camp. § United canceled their Training Camp, so many of our other airline friends will be joining us. Obviously we want AA Campers to have first shot, so your RSVP will help us manage the numbers to our advantage. o Instruction will be $100/day o Lift tickets for 3 or more days will cost $66/day o Lift ticket and lodging rates will be extended a few days before and a few days after the official camp to accommodate those that may want/need to arrive early or stay longer. · YES, family members and guests are welcome !!! o Kids Vacation Camp – I’m not sure of the COVID status of KVC. If you plan to bring children please call me and we will get you a good answer. o Spouses, Dates, Neighbors, and friends are all welcome. o Other airline employees are also welcome, UNLESS the resort places restrictions on us, THEN AA and guests will be accommodated first. (I don’t think this will be an issue). · YES, the Grand will host us !!! o I don’t have the rates available today, but it will be very close to previous years (Under $100/night) o When the rates are loaded in the Grand Reservation system, we will notify you and THEN you can make your reservations. DON’T WORRY, there will be enough rooms. · YES, “Pre-Registration” is a MUST !!! o There will be a LINK provided that you must “Pre-Register” o In addition to RSVP to AA TODAY….you will need to pre-purchase your lessons and lift tickets prior to attending · YES, we will have parties and dinners, BUT……they won’t be the same. o All dining facilities will offer limited capacity based on current COVID policies. o Apres Ski/Happy Hour facilities will also impose capacity restrictions. § We “may” designate two or more après ski bars § We “may” have more outside facilities/options o Party Venues will also be affected by COVID capacity restrictions. § We will do our best to accommodate everyone but will need YOU to be flexible as venues or restrictions may change. o Team Dinner Venue will definitely change and will be based on the number of pre-registered guests. SO NOW….we need YOU to RSVP (today) to and let us know if you plan to attend. When Steamboat has given us the “LINK”, THEN you will need to Pre-Register and purchase your lesson and lift tickets. NAASF Race Week Jan 24-29 Steamboat Springs Steamboat will also host NAASF for a race week in January. Most of the comments about training camp will apply for the NAASF week as well, so COME but be prepared for a little different experience. The biggest change will be that there will be NO WALK UP TICKET SALES…so you MUST Pre-Register when the links are provided. There will be much more information available in the near future… we know it, we will pass it along.

2020 Season

After polling the Team Captains/Club leaders it’s obvious that the majority would like to put the 2020 season behind us. As a result I have decided to call the season and the 2 race weeks we completed will stand. Year end awards for 2020 will be handed out at Steamboat in January. Congratulations to Danielle Honoree, AA, top A woman, Hughston Norton,CP, top A man, Ellen Wardrop, AA, top B woman, Scott Scott Mckee, AA, top B man, Traci Farley, SW, top SB woman and Dennis Mellon, AA, top SB man. Congratulations to American winning the NAASF Cup, the Bob Powers Cup and the new Shredders Cup. Delta finished second in the above cups and Southwest third in NAASF and Shredders while United took third in the Bob Powers Cup. The Division II cup was won by FedEx, followed by Compass in second and Allegiant in third. Thanks to all who participated this winter, I look forward to next season and seeing everyone at Steamboat. Please be safe and healthy. Are Johnsen NAASF President

Message from the President

Today is a sad day!!!! We should all be on our way to beautiful Crested Butte and the final week of the season. Year end awards for clubs and individuals was to be settled on the race courses. KJ and I was to battle for the top 2 spots in the A men’s overall, AA ski club was going to receive the top spot in three club competitions, NAASF Cup, Bob Powers Cup and the new Shredders Cup. Na Stewart was to receive the well deserved Spirit of NAASF award, congratulations Na!!! Instead we live in uncertainty, not knowing what will happen and how soon this will be over and things return to what will be a “new normal”. We are still exploring ways that the 2020 season can be closed out with a third race week, the question is when. There are a few options and ideas that will be explored, but at this point I feel we need to wait and see what the fallout of our situation will be and then firm up a plan. In the meantime everything is on hold. Hang in there and stay safe and healthy. We will get through this. Are Johnsen NAASF President

Crested Butte update

As this situation unfolds and as the link below indicates, we will not be going to Crested Butte. For those of you that has paid for lodging, Crested Butte should issue a full refund. Either call reservations or use the link in the article below. I have not cancelled the 3 ski week yet, for the simple reason that we are still exploring all possibilities and has some ideas that are being worked as I write this. I’m not going to share any details yet, simply because we don’t know what is going to happen. What we do know is that we won’t be going to Crested Butte and if we are able to come up with a viable alternative I doubt that it will fall under the dates that we previously expected. The reason I mention that is CO, CA and NV has limited gatherings of 10+ people, UT with 100+ people. That locks us out of most resorts for the next 14 days or so. The result is we need to be flexible for the dates if a resort decides to open late and can host us. In the meantime, please know that we are not sitting idle but exploring any and all possibilities. Please stay safe and healthy. Are Johnsen NAASF President

A message from the President

As we have all witnessed these last 2 days, the COVID19 situation is extremely fluid. Vail Resorts, as well as Alterra Mountain Company (Steamboat’s owner) decided to suspend operations from March 15 through March 22. At that time they will re-evaluate the rest of the season. I realize that’s only a week before Crested Butte starts on March 29. At this point we have NOT cancelled our week. After discussions among your NAASF leadership, we decided the best course at this point is to wait and see what the resorts decision will be. If they re-start operations after March 22, the week will go as planned. Should they decide to shut down then all lodging payments will be refunded. We are exploring alternatives, Steamboat was one, and while Jim Tullos was in touch with them, they made the same announcement. If CBMR decides not to reopen and we are unable to find alternatives to host us, I will cancel the last ski week. In the meantime please be patient and rest assured we haven’t given up and we are working on it. Are Johnsen NAASF President


North American Airline Ski Federation (NAASF) is an organization comprised of Teams or Clubs from virtually all of the airlines in North American (American, Delta, United, Fedex, Southwest, NetJet, Skywest, etc). These Teams/Clubs are comprised of airline employees/retirees and their families. NAASF currently sanctions three ski weeks each season at a variety of resorts around North America where the member Team/Clubs compete in Snowboard and Ski Racing, Partying, and Free Skiing.

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Those that want to race have the opportunity, but those that don't are welcome to come cheer for your favorite team or just enjoy the mountain at your own pace. All of the NAASF Weeks are "Family Friendly". The evening parties are "adult" entertainment, but families are welcome to ski, race, and enjoy the week. Baby sitting services are available in most resorts so the adults can join in the evening activities.

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