North American Airline Ski Federation (NAASF) is an organization comprised of Teams or Clubs from virtually all of the airlines in North American (American, Delta, United, Fedex, Southwest, NetJet, Skywest, etc). These Teams/Clubs are comprised of airline employees/retirees and their families. NAASF currently sanctions three ski weeks each season at a variety of resorts around North America where the member Team/Clubs compete in Snowboard and Ski Racing, Partying, and Free Skiing. Those that want to race have the opportunity, but those that don't are welcome to come cheer for your favorite team or just enjoy the mountain at your own pace. The NAASF Ski Weeks offer some of the most affordable ski/riding possible. As a general rule, the NAASF contracted rates offer slope side or near slope side lodging for under $75/person/night, Lift Ticket Prices for about 50% of rack rate, and a variety of discounts on rentals and purchases around the resorts. It is rare that you will find a less expensive way to have a ski week. NAASF charges a registration fee for the week which is under $100. This allows you the discounted lodging, lift tickets, discounts, and allows you to attend all the week's events/parties. It is a bargain for what you are paying. All of the NAASF Weeks are "Family Friendly". The evening parties are "adult" entertainment, but families are welcome to ski, race, and enjoy the week. Baby sitting services are available in most resorts so the adults can join in the evening activities.

Latest News

Steamboat 2018 lodging prices updated! - 10/27/2017

We just received the latest prices on lodging and have updated them!

Check out the new rule proposals for 2018 - 05/28/2017

The summer meeting is almost here! Click this link to read and form an opinion on the long list of proposed rule changes that we will be voting on at the summer meeting. Proposals just updated 5/31. The same link provides the updated proposal list.

President's Corner

Winter is coming - 10/08/2017

I hope everyone had a great summer. Here we are in October and winter is rapidly approaching. Snow has begun falling and I'm hoping we'll have a great snow winter like last year. The December clinic's are only 2 months away and the first NAASF week only 3... Steamboat is hosting us again this year and they always run a fantastic week for us. Billy Kidd is always around and usually shows up at one of our parties and NAASF and the NAASF Foundation will continue our tradition of making a donation to the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club and supporting them in developing our future Olympians.

This summer we made some changes to our rule book and cleaned up some items. Amber Stockhausen will have the book updated shortly.

After 16 years as B TD, Steve Poszony decided to let younger blood take over and Brian Palmer stepped up. We also filled the scorer position, Jason Becker takes on that job. Thanks for stepping up.

We are continuing to push online registration through www.naasf.com and John Stockhausen has been improving the product. If you haven't created a profile yet, please do so and then it's a simple process to register for each ski week. Once you arrive at the resort you'll pay the registration fee and purchase lift tickets like before, but the resort should have all your information.

For those of us that race, last year showed how quickly we get the race results. John posts it within minutes of receiving the scores from the race department.

This season I'm hoping to see lots of new faces as all the airlines are hiring and recruiting new members and hopefully this will double or triple attendance. Please help spread the word to your coworkers.

Lodging info for Steamboat is available and booking is open. Here are the lift ticket prices:
Lift Prices 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day
2018 Rate: $145 $290 $435 $580 $725
Airline Discount: 10% 10% 10% 10% 10%
2018 NAASF: $69 $138 $188 $251 $293

Looking forward to seeing everyone!!!

Are Johnsen
NAASF President


Another epic NAASF week and season comes to an end. What an incredible week at Crested Butte!!! Thanks to all my NAASF volunteers who made this possible, thanks to an incredible race department at Crested Butte and to everyone who came to participate. I hope everyone had a great week and I look forward to seeing everyone next year.
Are Johnsen
NAASF President

President's Corner - THINK SNOW!!!!!! - 11/03/2016

Another ski season is right around the corner, but for us that live in the south, as usual it sneaks up on us. As I write this I'm looking out at a sunny day and 86 degrees.
In 2 weeks our season kicks off with AA's Ski Clinic at Steamboat and UA's Ski Clinic at Copper. Both club's graciously invite members from other clubs to attend. Check out their websites for more info. This is a great way to brush up on your skills or acquire some new ones.
Also at Steamboat we will be "test driving" new scoring programs. Your webmaster, John Stockhausen, has created a new program that will be tested along with one already established program from another vendor. This summer our scorer and assistant scorer decided to step down after many seasons of making sure the right people received awards. As a result we will be looking for a new scorer once we have decided on a new program. Please contact me if you are interested. Many thanks to Frank Brewer and Chuck Fagan for their many years of service.
For the upcoming season, the “B” racers will enjoy new bibs courtesy of our sponsor RAA (Retirement Advisors of America). RAA and Advisor Financial merged in June and they have decided to continue sponsoring NAASF. Many thanks to Gary Krasnov at RAA and your Vice President, Rocky Borgh, for setting this up.
The first skiweek at Steamboat kicks off January 15. Jim Tullos is your NAASF coordinator and the e-brochure will be out shortly. Steamboat and NAASF has a long and excellent relationship and I've never had a disappointing ski week there. Steamboat has many other activities to offer, so if you haven't been there yet, I hope to see you there.
For our second week we return to Heavenly, CA. Last year we had a great showing there and they wanted us back!!! For our racers, it was a great venue. We ran A and B races on the same hill, and this allowed for people to hang out and watch the other group race. This made for a great atmosphere at the finish area with great views of Lake Tahoe as a backdrop. Our former secretary/treasurer, Danielle Honoree, will be your NAASF coordinator.
For our final week of the season we return to Crested Butte. That's another week that promises spectactular skiing and beautiful scenery. For this year we have a new coordinator for NAASF. Vivian Bunell from UA volunteered for the job and she is very excited about the chance to help out.