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Gate Clinic

There will be a gate clinic from 1100 to 1130 on the Lower Bashor practice hill (skiers left of the NASTAR shack) on MONDAY to go over delays, hairpins and flushes.

Telluride cancelled

During last night’s team captain meeting at Steamboat we announced that the Telluride ski week has been cancelled due to us not being able to run races there this winter. As a result of COVID-19 the resort decided to shut down the race department. A decision will be made shortly on whether we run an alternate location and 3 ski weeks for 2021 or end the season after Squaw Valley in February. Steamboat has indicated willingness to host us again. They will charge the same for lift tickets and registration as the current week. Stay tuned for more information in the near future. Are Johnsen NAASF President

Squaw Wed Schedule. Updated!!!

Wednesday - Julia's Gold run 9:15-9:45 A Inspection 10:00 A GS Run 1 10:30 A GS Run 2 Reset 11:30-12:00 B Inspection 12:15 B Run 1 12:45 B Run 2 Reset 13:15-13:45 Snowboard/Newcomer inspection 14:00 Snowboard runs 1 and 2 14:30 Newcomers runs 1 and 2


Hello everyone! I posted under the race info what each event day and time is as of now, but be prepared for changes! I updated the Newcomers race info, NEWCOMERS RACE is AFTER the SNOWBOARD race on Wednesday! For the racing, we only have access to Julia's Gold on Exhibition for racing and the start times will adjust to the number of racers registered, so please be patient. We will update and confirm the times as well as publish them for the team Captains meeting Tuesday eve (Zoom invites will be coming out shortly). Again, please check this website the evening prior for any race updates and for the most up to date times! Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in Squaw!

2020 Season

After polling the Team Captains/Club leaders it’s obvious that the majority would like to put the 2020 season behind us. As a result I have decided to call the season and the 2 race weeks we completed will stand. Year end awards for 2020 will be handed out at Steamboat in January. Congratulations to Danielle Honoree, AA, top A woman, Hughston Norton,CP, top A man, Ellen Wardrop, AA, top B woman, Scott Scott Mckee, AA, top B man, Traci Farley, SW, top SB woman and Dennis Mellon, AA, top SB man. Congratulations to American winning the NAASF Cup, the Bob Powers Cup and the new Shredders Cup. Delta finished second in the above cups and Southwest third in NAASF and Shredders while United took third in the Bob Powers Cup. The Division II cup was won by FedEx, followed by Compass in second and Allegiant in third. Thanks to all who participated this winter, I look forward to next season and seeing everyone at Steamboat. Please be safe and healthy. Are Johnsen NAASF President


North American Airline Ski Federation (NAASF) is an organization comprised of Teams or Clubs from virtually all of the airlines in North American (American, Delta, United, Fedex, Southwest, NetJet, Skywest, etc). These Teams/Clubs are comprised of airline employees/retirees and their families. NAASF currently sanctions three ski weeks each season at a variety of resorts around North America where the member Team/Clubs compete in Snowboard and Ski Racing, Partying, and Free Skiing.

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Those that want to race have the opportunity, but those that don't are welcome to come cheer for your favorite team or just enjoy the mountain at your own pace. All of the NAASF Weeks are "Family Friendly". The evening parties are "adult" entertainment, but families are welcome to ski, race, and enjoy the week. Baby sitting services are available in most resorts so the adults can join in the evening activities.

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