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Schedule Modifications-Charcuterie   Party CANCELED because the deck is not accessible (too much snow).... Bring your Charcuterie stuff to the Tuck Tailgate Party on Thursday! -OLD Town Exploration/Pub Crawl Schedule(Get A drink at each stop and "move on")8:00-9:00 @ The Oak (at the base of the gondola9:00-10:00 @ New Sheradon Bar on Colorado St. (really cool old time hotel/bar)10:00-??? Last Dollar Saloon (also calked "the Buck") two blocks down on Colorado St.12:00- Gondola to Mountain VillageThursday-14:00 - Tuck Tailgate Party @ base on Race Course. Bring your Charcuterie & BYOB to share.

Suzy Danielson

Gate Clinic

There will be a gate clinic on Lower Bashor MONDAY from 10:30 to 11:00 below the Snowboard/B SL start shack. Please see A TD Suzy Danielson. This will show you an intro to flushes, hairpins and delays and a basic course on how to slip and inspect a race course.

Suzy Danielson

Notification Preferences

New to the website is notifications. NAASF staff will be able to keep you up to date with the latest event info. To choose your preferences: - Click on the profile icon - Select "General Profile" - check or uncheck how you would like to your updates. The coordinators and TDs have the ability to select whether they want something sent out as a text or email or both. Some messaging is too long for text messages and some don't require a long email. For instance, if you are listed as an A racer and elect to get SMS texts, the TDs can keep you updated via text about changing start times and course information. My recommendation is to select both so that you can get messaging either way. If it's too much information, you can simply uncheck the box and hit save and you won't receive those messages anymore. John

John Stockhausen